In association with the authors Anna Schöning, Tobias Rentzsch and Gerald Ridder accrued 22 short stories, which shows another side of the pictures.

A summary of the afterword by Christina Hünsche: "...Combining these with texts that leave us unsure whether they were written in tandem with the photographs or tangentially past them merely amplifies this impression. The texts demonstrate that the status of the photograph as a documentary image par excellence is by no means obsolete.

They achieve this by relating to the images in a way that remains open to question. The texts indicate that the beholder's way of looking at the images is only one option. It may or may not match the perspective of others – even that of the photographers. The photographers' intention cannot be deduced from the images alone...."


Anna Schöning / texts

Tobias Rentzsch / texts

Gerald Ridder / texts

Christina Hünsche / editor & summary

Sebastian Kiss / review

Patricia Stadié / translation