For more than 2 years, we have been planning the production of this astonishingly terrific, outstanding and precious coffee-table-book. Small and handy in size and, printed on fine glossy art-paper, this hard-cover and book will also include minor graphical and font-wise surprises. The result? Daring photographic imagery, beautyful texts as well as an undiminished love to detail will contribute to this project.


Fantastic, great, splendid, marvellous, super, respectful or simply "awesome". Quite everything that is above average is regarded as "AWESOME" in the meantime - a modern word of our days, brought to us from America, meanwhile has now settled in the German language without translation. Here, its frequent use in high rotation shows us what seems to be counting these days: free yourself from the mediocre, be individual, be singular, be awesome!

We would like to transform this thought of "awesomeness" into our work and its title. We claim that the Netherlands are somewhat special and extravagant. Thus expectations run high up, describing the country in a mere judgementaling manner. Our photographs, however, speak a diffferent language. They show Germany's neighbour the way we have seen it - nothing is beautified or stylized in any way.

So "awesome" loses its meaning within this context, the word becomes "yesterday's newspapers" - what it actually is. It is the burst of the bubble and it collapses like so many other promises in politics, advertising and even private life. Now that IS "awesome"!


There's Paul. Paul Altmann. Student of Photography at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. He's quite passionate about layouting things.

And there's Antje. Antje Schaper. Graphic designer. Now she's passionate about photography.